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Public Forum Policy

The Perry County Public Library and Perry County Public Library Board of Trustees will conduct their meetings in compliance with the state Open Doors Law with board meetings open for public observation and recording. While not required by law to allow the public to speak at meetings, the Board values the ideas and insights of constituents and will allow fifteen (15) minutes of each board meeting for a public forum.

Persons will be allowed to speak only if they have completed the form shown below and returned it to the Director or a board member prior to the convening of the meeting. Each person will be allowed a maximum of two (2) minutes to address the board. The Board President will call on those persons one at a time to stand and address the board for no more than the allocated time. Speakers may not yield their time to another individual in order to allow someone more than two (2) minutes. Requests for time to speak will usually be granted in the order the requests were received, although priority may be given to residents of the library taxing district.

The Board will not respond at this meeting to questions, requests for information or requests for action. Appropriate response may be made at a later time after board members have sufficient opportunity to consider and deliberate on the issue.

Constituents will not be allowed to comment during other portions of the board meeting unless comments are specifically requested by the Board. Board members are always willing to hear from constituents outside the meeting, but meeting agendas are usually full and do not allow time for a continuous open forum.

Request form to speak to the Perry County Public Library Board during the public forum

Adopted by the Perry County Public Library Board July 12, 2023