Internet Use Agreement

  • Because of incompatibility issues, please do not save or download any kind of file or plug-in to the hard drive.
  • Information may be saved on USB based storage devices such as flash drives. Be aware that files downloaded from the Internet may contain viruses and the Library is not responsible for your data contracting a virus.


Since the Internet is a global electronic network there is no state or county control of its users or content. The Internet and its available resources may contain material of a controversial nature.

The Library does filter access to materials in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2001. The staff may also request that a User refrain from displaying controversial sites that may be offensive to other Users of the Library.

The Library assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from use of its Technology Lab, its connections to Internet services, or from injury arising from invasion of the User’s privacy.

Users should be aware of computer viruses, destructive Internet computer programs, and e-mail scams and take steps to avoid being a victim or unwitting distributor of such. The Library does maintain anti-virus software, but does not guarantee it will protect your data from invasion.

Fair Internet Access for All Library Users

The Technology Lab currently has 15 computers that have time management and print management software installed. To use the computers users will need to obtain a library card and PIN or Guest cards will be available for non-district patrons and are good for a 24 hour period only. Printing is available and you may retrieve your print job at the Circulation Desk.

Printing is .20 a page. (Color or Black & White)

All patrons will be limited to three hours of computer use per day.

Prohibited Usage

  • Cell Phones and other verbal communications devices are not allowed and must be turned off or on vibrate. Patrons must take all calls into the library entryway or outside
  • Drinks and food are not allowed in the technology lab.
  • Violation of computer system security or monitoring, Internet filtering software or altering computer settings will result in suspension of computer privileges.
  • Harassment, libeling, or slandering of other users.
  • Destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the Library or other users.
  • Loud conversation, disorderly conduct, and offensive language will not be tolerated.
  • Unauthorized use of computer accounts, access codes, passwords, or network identification numbers assigned to others.
  • Violation of another user’s privacy.
  • Visual depictions of pornographic materials or other sites deemed offensive to other users

Penalties for Prohibited Usage

Violators of computer resources usage policy will be given ONE VERBAL WARNING. Second offenses may cause Users to lose Technology Lab privileges for an indefinite period of time at the discretion of the systems administrator and director of the library.

Violations of the policies described above will be dealt with in a serious and appropriate manner. Illegal acts involving Library computing resources may also be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities.

This policy was adopted by the Perry County Library Board of Trustees on August 1, 2018