Material Reconsideration Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Perry County Public Library has delegated the responsibility for selection and evaluation of library materials to the Library Director and has established reconsideration procedures to address concerns about those resources. Completion of this form is the first step in those procedures.

The Library supports a patron’s freedom to read and takes the position that public access to ideas and information should not be restricted. Individuals may occasionally question the inclusion of an item for a variety of reasons including controversy and viewpoints. Requests for reconsideration are available for submission by any resident of the library’s taxing district, which includes all Perry County. We cannot accept requests for reconsiderations from those outside of the library’s tax boundaries. Should a patron feel the necessity to request material be withdrawn based on its content the patron must fill out and submit to the Library Director a “Request for Reconsideration Form.”

Upon receipt of the form, the Library Director shall form a committee to review the item and have no more than 30 calendar days to respond in writing to the complaint. Challenge Committee reviewers, as appointed by the Director, will read the materials in its entirety (not just selected, objectionable portions out of context), as well as any available reviews or standard evaluation aids from reputable sources. The challenged material will remain within the collection while under review. The challenge committee’s recommendation will be an objective evaluation of the material within the scope of the library’s collection policy, which provides education and information from many points of view.

The committee will then provide a recommendation to retain the materials in its original location, to relocate the materials to another location within the library, or to remove the material. Should the patron feel the Challenge Committee reached their decision in error, they may appeal to the Library Board whose decision will be final.

If you wish to request reconsideration of any library materials, please return the completed form via mail or email to:

Nathan A Jochum, Director Perry County Public Library
2328 Tell Street
Tell City, IN 47586
[email protected]

Request for Reconsideration Form

Adopted by the Perry County Public Library Board July 12, 2023