November 26, 1962, the Perry County Bookmobile first hit the road. Since then, it has made its headquarters at the Perry County Public Library, serving all local schools, senior housing, daycare centers, preschools and rural residents of Perry County.

Perry County Bookmobile stops occur in all areas of the county. At these stops, a wide range of materials is available, including the newest books for adults and children, current and classic DVDs, magazines, and MiFi’s. Our large bus can hold up to 6,000 items. Holds can also be picked up at any public stop.

Bookmobiles are an extension of services offered by the brick-and-mortar library as it travels its scheduled route to all the Perry County Schools, small towns, daycares, nursing homes, and other stops along the way. The Bookmobile can be scheduled to visit your senior center, daycare, or community center, as well as festivals, fairs, and community events hosted by nonprofit organizations that can accommodate a 35-foot vehicle.

On the Bookmobile, you can do the following and so much more:

  • Check out regular print & large print books, DVDs, and magazines
  • Get a library card
  • Pick up holds and return items – just like at the library
  • Staff can answer questions and help with a variety of needs
  • Update your account – change your address, pay a fine, etc.

Bookmobile stops may be canceled because of Holidays, weather conditions, or mechanical difficulties. Please refer to the Perry County Public Library Facebook page and website. Click here for 2024 Summer printable schedule to plan for the Bookmobile’s closest stop near you!

If you would like the bookmobile to make a stop near you, please contact Brandi Sanders at 812-547-2661 or [email protected].

2024 Summer Schedule